Our very own website?

OK thank you for the push. I am overwhelmed both by the Yays and then some comments.

First we are bizarre, we are diverse and we are fat. So f***ing what! Sign the petition if you want more diversity and choice. We currently are in a design, manufacturing and wholesale business. We happened to roll out a brand that Evans buys and distributes. That means we supply everything up to the point of distribution in our everyday business at say a Top Shop or an Evans or a Yours or a Debenhams in bulk. Our customers then distribute and sell to the public. So we export about 100 orders a year and that equates to £6 million of exports from the UK annually. We have an infrastructure to deliver bulk orders.

scarlett & Jo
Callie and Georgina

Website retailers have a different infrastructure and people skill set in place to ours.

There are benefits for us to do our own thing most of all product freedom.; speed to market; margin differential by cutting out the middle man retailer. But there is also greater costs and risks. New skills to learn. Anybody who knows me, knows in my bizarre way, that we always deliver the best that we can with passion and in every aspect of everything that we do. Excellence is the intention. So if we do scarlettandjo.com it isn’t going to be like any other website it’s going to be a bit bizarre, whatever that is, what else would you expect other than well made, well designed well cut to flatter, true to size feminine clothes for the Fun and Fearless woman.

Callie, Bethany and Georgina

I say thank you for the push as some closer to S&J know that we have been talking about this for a while. Even built a web site. I am a little embarrassed that a petition has been organised but on the other side I am so grateful and proud that so many people want it and think I need a push.

Just want to do it perfectly and that takes a bit of time, ensuring that we delight with our offer.


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    I am BEYOND excited about this website! I look forward to shopping with you!

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