Today we had the pleasure of welcoming the amazing Amanda to our offices. Amanda had her eye on our Tuxedo Maxi Dress and wanted to try it on. Amanda was looking for a dress to wear when she walks the runway at a charity pageant in February.

Amanda told us of her one simple mission: to show younger women you don’t have to be a size 0 to look and feel beautiful. We couldn’t agree more!

After trying on the Tuxedo Maxi Dress, she came out with a beaming smile on her face as it fit perfectly and was incredibly comfortable.

Amanda auctionjacksonville High Collar V Neck Dress

Next Amanda told us that her daughter attends Ramsey 1940’s Events, but that she had never been able to go because she didn’t have the right style dress. We then pulled out a couple of our classic 1940’s dresses for Amanda to try on. After discovering that the 40’s Wrap Midi Dress wasn’t the style for her, she tried on our High Collar V Neck Dress and adored it!

Amanda auctionjacksonville High Collar V Neck Dress

Still searching for the dress that she would wear at her charity pageant, Amanda also tried on our Lurex Maxi Bodycon Dress and Nancy Marilyn Chiffon Maxi Dress. Immediately she fell in love with the soft, metallised fabric of the Lurex Maxi Bodycon and the elegant, Grecian appearance of the Nancy Marilyn Maxi Dress.

Amanda auctionjacksonville Lurex Maxi Bodycon Dress

Amanda was then faced with a tough decision, which dress would she choose?

Which of our dresses would you choose to wear to a pageant?


  • Posted by Jean Paris on

    She looks great in them all, but her choice was perfect.

  • Posted by Jean Paris on

    Think she looks great in them both, tuxedo would be best for the event she is going to. Good luck .

  • Posted by Denise Claxton on

    You look awesome, I so love seeing natural beauties and I so love the tuxedo dress on you

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